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What is Foiling?

Foiling is growing in popularity across the watersports community. You may have heard of it as foiling, foilboarding, foilsurfing, or even eFoiling. 

However you have heard of it, foiling is when you use a hydrofoil or foilboard to surf. The boards are the same as other boards that you would use for other watersports like kiteboarding or surfing. the only difference is the hydrofoil on the bottom that extends into the water and helps lift the board. On the right, you can see a foil board for kitesurfing. 

The hydrofoil helps to lift you out of the water while riding. It can help you ride faster and help you ride in new places by avoiding the waves below. 

Explore our options for practicing foiling below.



The eFoil is an electric-powered hydrofoil that allows the rider to cruise above the water for around an hour. With a built-in battery, motor, and wing, all you have to do is control your speed with a handheld wireless controller. 


Wingfoiling is a relatively new sport that is rapidly growing in popularity. It helps you experience riding over the water in a fun, new way by using an inflatable wing to generate power and pull you through the water on a hydrofoil board.

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