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World class Instructors in world class conditions!

First Course

Kiteboarding Intro

This course is for people who have never flown a kite before and for those who have some past experience but may need a refresher on the basics. 

During this course, we will teach you everything about the wind, safety systems, how kites fly, and how to fly them with proper control. Your instructor will explain the application of all skills learned to prepare you for lesson two.

This course will be a combination of theory and practical kite flying from the beach or shallow water.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $220 per person (3-1)

Second Course

Body Dragging and Water Starts

Once you've achieved good basic kite control in the first course, you'll be ready to move into deeper water to begin 'body dragging' which is maneuvering through the water using the power of the kite but without a board.

This is an essential step where you will learn how to drag downwind, across the wind, and upwind practicing board recovery and generating power on demand. Once we're happy with your progress we'll introduce the board and coach you through the water start process.

This course is taught entirely in deeper water from a boat using radio helmets allowing your instructor to direct you in real-time with the added benefit of addressing any questions you may have.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $440 (2-1)

Third Course

Board Riding

This course is for those of you who are comfortable water starting in both directions but still need additional practice to extend the length of your rides.

In this course, we will focus on both kite control and board skills while riding with the aim being to increase the duration and comfort levels of your rides with an eventual goal of riding upwind.

This course will be taught from a boat with radio helmets in order to fine-tune your technique in real-time to aid your progression.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $440 (2-1)

Fourth Course

Riding Upwind and Independence

This course is for those who can ride comfortably in both directions but still need that extra push to be confident navigating upwind in order to return to the same spot at the end of every session.

In this course, we will work on your body position and weight distribution in order to achieve and maintain efficient upwind riding.  Your instructor will give you achievable targets to aim for on each tack further building your skill level and overall feel for the kite. The ultimate goal for anyone learning to kitesurf is to be able to stay upwind!

This course will be taught from a boat with radio helmets in order to fine-tune your technique in real-time to aid your progression.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $440 (2-1)

Bonus Course

Intermediate to Advanced Lesson

This course is for independent kitesurfers looking to add some new style and fluidity to their riding.

In this course we will focus on what you want to learn whether it be a new transition or landing your first back roll. Your instructor will discuss your goals prior to getting on the water and then coach you through the steps to achieve them. Typically setting one skill goal per lesson is realistic in order for you to have time to learn, practice, and perfect.

This course will be taught from a boat with radio helmets in order to fine-tune your technique in real-time aiding your progression.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $440 (2-1)

All You Can Eat

Full Intro 1/2 Day Course

For people who want to get a full taste of kiting in one day, this package is for you. In this "all you can eat" course, our goal is to get you up and riding on a board on day 1!

The Full Intro begins on the beach with you flying small trainer kites. Once you get the hang of controlling the kite on land, we move to the water where you work on handling the kite in deeper water and learning how to navigate and generate power. Once you can handle the kite in deeper water, it is time for you to ride!

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $495 (1-1) or $330 per person (2-1)


Up 'n' Under provides quality structured lessons using the latest teaching equipment and techniques. See below for our lesson breakdown and full courses. We also offer various packages and discounts based on the amount of students.


Kiteboarding equipment has come a long way in the last 20

years making learning safer, more fun, and far easier! Up 'n' Under uses current equipment which is constantly tuned and maintained. We use North kites.


Lessons and equipment rentals should be booked well in advance to ensure availability. Book by email, Whatsapp or visiting our Booking Page! Full payment will often be required to secure a booking.

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