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Wing-foiling is a relatively new sport which is rapidly growing in popularity. You will experience riding over the water in a fun, new way by using an inflatable wing to harness the wind and propel you over the water on a hydrofoil board!

Wingfoil Lessons

First Course

Beginner Lesson

This two-hour introductory course to wingfoiling will start out on the beach where an instructor will teach you about safety, wind theory, and wing handling. As you begin to practice handling the wing, you will learn how to hold it, control it, and generate and release power.

After familiarizing yourself with the wing, you will move into the water. From there, you will practice using the wing while kneeling on a large, stable board that will help you get used to handling it on the water. Once you are able to maneuver on your knees, you will practice while standing on the board. By the end of the lesson, you should have control over handling the wing and be able to steer the wing to turn back and forth. 

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $440 (2-1)

wingfoil lessons at saba rock

Second Course

Using the Wing and Foil

Once you are confident handling the wing and the larger board, it is time to introduce the foil. You will use all you have learned so far in order to water-start on the foil, pump the wing and foil together to generate speed, adjust your line of riding, and control your foil height with the wing.


You will also practice speed control and learn how to fall to prevent injury. An instructor will be there to assist you in fine-tuning every aspect behind wingfoiling until you are confident to ride independently and continuously as well as stay stable and in control. 

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $330 (1 -1) or $440 (2-1)

Wing foil saba rock bvi

Third Course

Advanced Wingfoiling

Have you already mastered basic riding techniques and are ready to introduce more challenging wing handling and foiling? Then this lesson is for you.

In this lesson, we tailor it to what you want to learn, whether that be tacking and jibing, dropping the wing and pumping the foil, or even jumping.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $165 (1 -1)

wingfoiling at saba rock
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